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You Can Call On Us At Any Time Of The Day To Come Fi Your Drains

At Drainage Kent, we understand drainage issues can crop up anytime. That is why we are available round the clock to serve you in Kent. Are you experiencing a drain malfunction? Call us now and we will be at your door step immediately.

In An Emergency, Our Response Time Is One Hour

At Drainage Kent, because we value your time, part of the service culture of our engineers is to attend to you without delay. That is why we respond within one hour for emergency calls.

For emergency services, you don't have to pay us if we arrive later than an hour.

Your Drainage System Issue Is Addressed With Speed And Efficiency

At Drainage Kent, our engineers are the best in the business and equipped with many years of hands-on experience in all kinds of drainage matters. They are fully ready to handle all drain issues and have the necessary experience to help. We can get to the bottom of any problem.

The Drainage Repairs Are Charge At Competitive Rates In Kent

We make sure do not overcharge you. Rather, we will fi your drainage issues at very favourable rates in Kent. Are you looking4for some installations? Do you need drain unblocking or maintenance services Pick up the phone and give us a call. We assure your satisfaction with our prices.

Your Property Will Not Incur Any Damage Or Filth

Our technicians are experts. Our professionals are skilled with drains and pipe works. With their many years of experience, they understand that stellar drainage work goes beyond just installing, fixing, or servicing a drain or pipework. It's also about absolute cautiousness, which they employ during their work to ensure that your property survives the procedure, unhurt; and it is about leaving your environment as clean as it was before they started. We Are A Happy People. Drainage Kent treats the customers and staff with utmost care and respect.

We Want You To Rest Easy

If you want to go over some guidelines and suggestions before a project begins, we're happy to do that. We care about what you have to say. If you are dissatisfied after a service, we will redo it according to your request.

Our Technicians At Drainage Kent Are Experts

This cannot be over emphasised. We conduct a stringent recruitment processes for our engineers We also regularly invest in updating their training to ensure they are conversant with trending techniques and gear in the drainage industry. We do all this because we are committed to providing you with great drain services.

Your Health And Safety Matter To Us

A blocked drain and the stagnancy and overflow that can accompany it, can translate to health risks. Flooding and slick floors can result from an overflow and are a risk to your safety and property. And it could get even worse. Drainage Kent in Kent puts your safety and wellbeing first, so you don't have to worry. Because of that, we have dedicated a whole team of experts to overseeing our work procedures to hamper the possibility of our customers or staff being exposed to health risks. We also give our customers guidelines on maintaining their drainage systems to prevent any health or safety threats.

We Use The Latest Industry Technology At Drainage Kent

At Drainage Kent, we boast a collection of the best and widest array of service equipment. At the disposal of our specialists, these tools help fi the toughest of drainage problem's quickly. Some of the equipment we work with are Standard toilet augers Manual and power sewer and drain snakes that can clean pipes reaching100mm. Drain cleaning machines.

Sectional cleaning equipment which clean up to 250mm inside the pipes. Drain jetters. Drain jetters with long jetting hoses attached, capable of reaching difficult areas as deep as 100 meters. The accessories our inspection gear comes with are Handheld inspection cameras for quick applications like checking down toilet pans and shower traps.

Cameras That Investigate Drain Problem's Deep In Larger Pipes

They are ideal for identifying clogs that elude simple drain rods. Monitors and program's that can record surveys to a USB device or computer. Drain camera reels. We also have advanced root cutters to fi tree root intrusion issues.

Trenchless Pipe Replacement Equipment

Jetters on drainage vans. Push rod CCTV equipped on CityFlex units. For cleaning and unblocking sewers up to 225mm in diameter In addition we have l medium and high volume jetting capacity HGV units. They even have their own nozzles for root cutting.

If You Wish To Contact Us, Here Are Some Of Our Services

Drain unblocking. Drain unclogging. Repair drains. CCTV inspection. Drainage system maintenance. Full installation of drainage systems. Urgent Drainage servicing. Why not call Drainage Kent?

We are open 24/7, all year round.

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