Drainage Kent - Thorough Drain Jetting Service In Kent

Every resident of Kent has experienced blocked drainage but the wise experience it less because they have the Drainage Kent advantage. Drainage Kent is a drainage - industry authority in the Kent area. Drainage Kent is Kent's leading choice for drain cleaning services. With our superior drainage professionals and many years of experience, Drainage Kent can fulfill all of your drainage demands. Drain jetting at Drainage Kent cleans your drain like you've never seen before. Drain jetting cleans drains and sewers by forcefully blasting water through them to dislodge obstructions that can damage your system.

Drainage Kent provides our drain jetting service with our own equipment, mounted on our fleet of vehicles. Our drain jetting machine has its own power system, a water tank and with hundreds of feet of hose to run through your pipes. Our drain jetting machines generate a whopping 5,000 psi of water pressure. A steel head with directional holes is mounted on the end of the hose to ensure that the water is sprayed in all directions. The generated high pressured hot water combined with our technique cleans and removes grease and slugs that may have amassed and hardened inside your drain.